Encouraged by his experience in wine making, Jerome Calmes established his own estate in 2004 in Camplong, on Félines Minervois township, on one of the best terroir in Languedoc, at the northest part of Minervois Appellation area.

It is 5 hectares and is situated on the foothills of Montagne Noire, between 220
and 350 meters above sea-level, where the soils are half schistous and half limestone.
The unique influence of the Montagne Noire, however, produces cooler temperatures at this altitude,
giving fresh nights and less heat during the hot Mediterranean days and it is this which contributes to Jerome's goal for balance, freshness and finesse.
Significantly, the vintage starts a full month later than in other parts of the Languedoc-Roussillon.

On this estate, Jerome produces:
- 100% Carigna varietal from very old vines (75 years and over): Les Terres Rouges
- Minervois AOP, blends from Syrah and Carignan: Les Vialas and Domaine de Camplong

So, Jerome produces two different Minervois in Camplong.
LES VIALAS is the most classic one. This wine match whith the style of Jerome's estate: no over maturity, balance, freshness and fruit.
That's the real expression of a cold microclimate in Languedoc. Syrah is harvested on end of september and Carignan ralelly before the 20th of october.
Fresh nights and long maturation of tanins and aromas give style.

Soil :

Schistous and limestone
Altitude between 220 and 350 meters above sea-level
Mediterranean climate moderated by altitude and proximity of Montagne Noire

Grapes :

Syrah 60% - Carignan 40%

Age of the vineyard :

Syrah 15-25 years, Carignan 60/80 years.

Yield :

40 hl/ha

Wine making :

Date of harvest at the optimal phenolic maturity
No over-maturity
Manual harvest. Grape sorting in the vineyard
Total destalking
Long maceration. Duration managed by tasting and depending on feature of each vintage
Controlled temperature of fermentation limited at 27-28°C

Ageing :

18 months in tanks and barrels.