LES CARDERES is produced on the specific "terroir" of limestone hills of moyennes Corbieres (medium high Corbieres), at an altitude around 200m above sea level.
There is a typically mediterranean climate, moderated by some altitude and immediate proximity of an oceanic influence area. It is dry with cooler temperatures during the night.
These low rainfall conditions is hard for vins. Adapted actions in the vines and low yields permit to success in production of grapes with perfect phenolic maturity.
LES CARDERES is a very balanced wine with round tanins, freshness and fineness.

Soil :

Limestone hills
Mediterranean climate with moderate temperatures due to some altitude and proximity of an oceanic influence area

Grapes :

Syrah 50% - Grenache 25% - Carignan 25%

Yield :

30 to 40 hl/ha depending on vintage

Wine making :

Date of harvest at the optimal phenolic maturity of the grapes
Manual harvest. Grape sorting in the vineyard
Total destalking
Separate wine making for each grape variety
Long traditional maceration. Duration of maceration managed by tasting depending on feature of each vintage
Controlled temperature of fermentation limited at 27-28°C

Ageing :

In tanks